How LISA Games Teach You an Important Lesson About Running Away From Daddy Issues

Lisa The Painful RPG tells you a hopeful story about how, no matter what you do to become a better person than your parents, you’ll still end up turning into them. There’s no escape. Fuck you.


If this ain’t a picture of a perfect family, I don’t know what is.

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Gyo — Tokyo Fish Attack (2012)

I haven’t updated this blog in ages. I guess I just waited for a proper occasion, a suitable reason to continue writing about all the Japanese-related stuff, something really moving and motivating — and here it is! A 2012 OVA based on a two-part manga that I once read and forgot about. So, what would be the right word to describe it?


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Theresia: Dear Martel

Theresia (USA)_54_17966Theresia (USA)_54_30506










It took me forever to finish Dear Martel. After a while, Theresia starts weighing down on you; make you depressed at the mere thought of going back to playing it. But hey. I’ve finally done it. I’ve beaten Dear Martel. Let me tell you how it was.


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Night Head Genesis Ep. 1-11


I’ve been watching Night Head Genesis and it still looks pretty boring so far. I mean, yeah, two brothers-psychics, a lot of drama, some elements of a detective story, conspiracies, moral choices and yadda-yadda-yadda, but generally it’s too serious and too self-important. Читать далее

Theresia: Dear Emile finished

Purple corpses, Epicari virus, Emile, red flowers, blood, Maylee, rotting flesh, war, Sacha, ruins, enemy nation, traitor, torture, prayer, Leanne, the Devil, the orphan, the red beads, the DNA of a certain girl, madness, suicide, pain, Theresia…

Since I’ve finished Dear Emile, let me do a quick re-cap of what’s happened in the game so far before I venture further into the dark depths of Dear Martel and OHMYGOD THERE’S A HAND GROWING OUT OF AN IRON MAIDEN DO I REALLY SEE THAT!!!???!!???.

Theresia (USA)_51_26931

So yeah. Brace yourselves for THERE ARE SPOILERS AHEAD!!!!!!!! Just warning you.

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Miracle Goodnight, Sweet Space Prince

Okay, I still haven’t finished Theresia, but I simply had to use this opportunity. Square Enix online shop gives out free downloads of Omikron: The Nomad Soul up till 22nd of January, so I went there yesterday and grabbed myself a digital copy. I guess, it’s a gamer’s way to commemorate the genius late Mr. Bowie lent to the game.

You can take part in this little memorial campaign as well: